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Location: Πάτρα
Date: 7-9 Φεβρουαρίου 2020
Three-day escape of Club Subaru "Subamaniacs" in Patras, for the New Year's Pie cutting of the Club.

FILBA in collaboration with Club Subamaniacs and the event company Enalia, organized for the three days of February 7-8-9 the Panhellenic Meeting of the members of the Club, in Patras, on the occasion of the cutting of their New Year's pie. The members, who come from all over Greece, were given the opportunity to gather together and share their passion for the same brand in the best possible way, through an exciting three days gathering in Patras.

Almost 100 cars came from all over Greece, with over 240 members and friends, confirming their potential as a Club. The participants were given a tour of beautiful Patras combining culture, local food, and social events, some got to know each other better, others exchanged views, had fun, and certainly created pleasant memories.

- Program

Attendance started on Friday, February 7 at the hotel, where participants were welcomed and got a first taste of the warm hospitality. This was followed by dinner at a well-known restaurant in the area and midnight entertainment at a nightclub.

On Saturday the program was full, after a rich breakfast at the hotel over 50 Subaru headed to the historic Achaia Clauss Winery, where over 100 members of the Subamaniacs club visited the site and were given an exemplary tour, living a unique experience. Of course, the testing of the products and the purchase of souvenirs were in the program.

Then, seizing the opportunity, with the very good weather being an ally, a meal followed in a well-known restaurant on the beach of Monodendri and a relaxed coffee in the shops of the area.

In the evening of the same day, the "official" event for the New Year's pie cutting took place at the hotel, in a very beautiful reception with rich and quality food, live music, and fun to the maximum.

The event was attended by over 200 members and friends of the Club and the event was transformed into a real fiesta for the Subamaniacs club, with the party lasting until late.

On Sunday, February 9, the scene was transferred to the track of KartMania (Vrachneika of Patras) where the 80 cars of the Club created a traffic blue confucius inside the track, in a unique and impressive spectacle. This was followed by the Track Day where the timers took over and the friendly Subaru fights on the track between the participants gave and took. Of course, the only winner was the spectacle, since hundreds of spectators had filled the stands to enjoy this unprecedented mass event for the Panhellenic data.

After Track Day, the track Café took over the satisfaction of the palates with absolute success, since the effort of the track people was obvious for the best possible service. After the end of the meal and the necessary wishes and greetings, all the members of the Subamaniacs took the road back.

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