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Location: Πάτρα
Date: 14-17 Ιουνίου 2019

"Ferrari Days" The official Italian Ferrari Club "Passione Rossa" in Patras

[The celebration of the 20th birthday of the Founding of the Club "Passione Rossa" in Patras]

FIL.MPA (Friends of Motor Sports of Patras) and Media World Advertising organized the event "Ferrari Days" where the first part, in Patras, was completed with great success.


The Ferrari Club "Passione Rossa" and its President, Dr. Fabio Barone (holder of 3 Guinness World Records) visited Patras, with 35 vehicles of the Italian company on the three days Celebration of the Holy Spirit, on 14-15-16 and 17 June 2019. The approximately 80 Italian visitors were hosted and guided in Patras, in the best possible way by the people of the Organizing Committee.


The co-organizer of "Ferrari Days" was the Region of Western Greece Peripheral Unit of Achaia, while their support was provided by the Municipality of Patras, the Port Authority of Patras, and the contribution of the Greek Police which was crucial for safety and movement. Ferrari Days Gold Sponsor was "Kallergis Machinery".

The event and its actions are under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.

- Program

The Program started on Friday 14/06 at noon where the SuperFast boat moored in the New Port of Patras, where the 35 vehicles disembarked. The Organizing Committee welcomed the visitors with local products in a mini cultural reception at the OLPA.

Immediately after the crews headed to "Poseidon Palace", while in the evening the scene was transferred to "ROYAL" in Akti Dymaion, where the official GALA was held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of "Passione Rossa", with the necessary cakes in the pleasant atmosphere under the musical background of Vassilis Akrivos.

On Saturday the vehicles were found in the central Square of Patras, Ag. Georgiou, where thousands of people from Patras had the opportunity to enjoy them up close and be photographed with them. At noon the cars left Pl. Georgiou and joined together with the other exhibits at the Pier of Agios Nikolaos and the SEAJETS - 9th Patras Motor Show. The leading role was played by the President of Ferrari Club Passione Rossa, Mr. Fabio Barone (holder of three (3) world speed records), and the show he gave with 458 Italia in the Arena of the Event was unique. In front of the eyes of 6,000 spectators, the World record man made quite an impressive drift, showing in his simple way, how good and skilled driver he is, taking the first ride in the arena with Ferrari Days Gold Sponsor Alexandros Kallergi of "Kallergi Machinery" .

A visit to the Historic Winery of Achaia Clauss could not be missed by the program of such an important event. The members visited the historic site, where the business manager became a host and a guide for them, creating feelings of awe. The Italians were amazed by the history of the area and the respect of the people of the company in it. There, a dinner was held outdoors, in an impressive setting, next to a unique view.

On Sunday morning the vehicles re-entered the area of ​​SEALETS - 9th Patras Motor Show, where 20 lucky people out of about 500 people were lucky and accompanied in the luxury cars. On Sunday noon the crews headed to "Faros", one of the unique symbols of Patras, for a wonderful meal at Café Faros, while after that rest was in the program at the "Poseidon Palace". In the evening a dinner was held which ended with a party in the musical background of Alexandros Akrivos. The hosted Italians asked for a "sirtaki" and the traditional Greek dances.

The hospitality from the Patras side was completed on Monday morning where the crews boarded a boat in Rio of Patras and made a mini cruise in the Gulf of Patras before disembarking in Antirrio in the direction of Igoumenitsa and final destination Corfu.

Source: automotopatras.gr

Trailer Videos στο YOUTUBE:

FERRARI PATRAS 2019 - Passione rossa - Κallergis Machinery

FERRARI DAYS by Ferrari Club "Passione Rossa" at Patra - Greece

Burn out Fabio Barone Patras 2019 Ferrari Club Passione Rossa



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