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Location: Ξενοδοχείο ΑΣΤΗΡ, Πάτρα
Date: 04 Μαΐου 2019

The Region of Western Greece in collaboration with the NGO for the Protection of the Coastal Zone "SaveCoast - Coast Rescue" co-organize an informative day entitled: "Water Resources: Water Quality, Coastal, and Marine Pollution - Scientific Approach" and. The event will take place on Saturday, May 4 at 11.00 in the morning at the hotel "Astir" (16 Agiou Andreou, Patras) and will be attended by important scientists of ELKETHE and the University of Patras, aiming to inform the general public about the issues of ecological consciousness and the public Health to avoid infections that are easy to manifest and transmit due to contaminated seawater causing serious ophthalmic, dermatological, gynecological and other pathological effects. Seawater care is a responsibility that weighs on each of us and the goal is to achieve the best possible management of water resources to reduce the negative effects on both our wider natural environment and Public Health.


Scientific Speakers:

  • Dr. Chatzianestis Ioannis, Chemical Oceanographer, Hellenic Center for Marine Research (ELKETHE) "Marine Pollution: Sources and Impacts"
  • Dr. George Triantafyllou, Mathematician Oceanographer, Hellenic Center for Marine Research (ELKETHE) "Marine Pollution and innovative response actions"
  • Stavroula Kordella, Environmentalist - Oceanographer, Laboratory of Marine Geology and Natural Oceanography, Department of Geology, University of Patras “Can an information campaign reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment? The example of Syros "



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